“The Mummy” Good or Bad?

“Starting my blog with one of my favorite movies of all times couldn’t be more thrilling! I am beyond excited for this film and I only hope that technology and hopefully, great acting, does nothing but make it a classic one once again.” OFFICIAL TRAILER

This was how I began my Blog last week before I watched “The Mummy” for the first time, yes, you read right! I did say “first time” because I watched it TWICE . And I am very glad I did. Look, this is not one of those movies you watch and you’re blown away with the story blah blah blah…. Although after you watch the movie you do realize that Ahmanet  does have a reason to behave the way she does and her story is actually deeper than we think.

All things considered, this is a movie you watch for the appreciation of everything else : the special effects, the costume design, the action, etc, etc, which, exceeded my expectations to be quite honest.  I was blown away with the simplicity and complexity of her costume. Is it a very deep movie that takes your breath away and leaves you in disbelief? Absolutely not and that alone is a  bit disappointing.
If we compare it to the classics from over 15 years ago, Is this a classic just as those were? Unfortunately not. Was it enjoyable if you’re a fan of monster movies? Absolutely. I was very impressed with Tom Cruise’s character and I did not find myself comparing him to Brendan Fraser ( Rick O’Connell) at all.  And I say “impressed” because for someone who isn’t a TC fan I laughed my bootie off! His lines were clever and funny which isn’t something that characterizes his acting.

Very different script, very different characters. Same intention to keep that  humor there from the past Mummy movies? Sure, but who doesn’t like a little bit of sarcastic humor in their coffee? I loved how current the movie is with the soldiers at war in the Middle East that we can all relate to. At the end of the day I’m very bias because this is my favorite genre! With that said,  I hope that If you aren’t a monster movie fan at least you can appreciate “The Mummy” 2017 version.   Hope you enjoy!  Cool Behind The Scenes

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