Boo! If you come with me, you’ll float too! “IT”🎈

Get your booties to the theater before IT🎈 Is gone!

If you’re a grown ass person who still thinks 🤡  are nice and friendly and want to hire one for your kid’s birthday party. …Think again! I’ve never been afraid of clowns but apparently this is a “thing” for some people. A real fear of clowns. Now, if this is you then do yourself a favor and do not watch this movie because (spoiler alert) Pennywise pretending to be all cute with the little boy Georgie in the opening scene …not pretty! Eating the kid’s arm? Not pretty either! And it definitely won’t serve you as therapy. What? I told you it was a spoiler alert! Now, was I petrified  and horrified watching this? No, I wasn’t. Did it become my favorite horror film of the year? Absolutely not. I can’t help but to compare it with Anabelle and…I just can’t. What’s to compare really? Creepy clown vs creepy doll , I mean… how can you right? 😂 Then again, I don’t have Coulrophobia. More like Phasmophobia so no bias points whatsoever. Was it scary to the point I couldn’t keep my eyes open in some scenes? Definitely!!! Anyway, let’s carry on ⤵️

Things I ❤️ in “IT” : The kids’ humor and smart responses, the dialogue was kept very real which we need to keep appreciating. The 50s are gone honie ,let’s get real: eveyone says “fuck” .  The dynamic  between the characters was great and Pennywise being played by Bill Skarsgard was genius. Who cares that he’s a 27 year old guy and not a 60 year old creepy ass clown? Actually, the fact that he’s young made him more trust worthy in the eyes of Georgie, the little kid who opens the first scene in the movie, to the point where he knew he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers and still did because Pennywise looked so cute! And then boo! Turned into pure horror. It goes to show that things are changing in the industry… but that’s a story for another day! I also loved ❤️the fact that each character had their own story/fears/ inner demons, and they were explained very well. Problems that still happen to this day. The kid who was bullied for being nerdy and overweight , the child molester, the kid who bullied because he was extremely scared of his father at home , the little girl with the pedophile dad.

All of these are realities and it’s a message that needs to be conveyed. I think this movie goes beyond IT being a horror film. I think it’s meant to be an eye opener for our modern society that all of these are real situations that happen every single day and need to be talked about, showedcased and fought. It starts at home, and it continues by understanding that our fears are only there to stop us from reaching our higher calling. Once you aren’t scared anymore, all problems go away. Just like Pennywise in IT🎈


3 thoughts on “Boo! If you come with me, you’ll float too! “IT”🎈

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