Disclaimer: Don’t watch this film if it’s that time of the month 😋

I really wish I could describe in details what I just experienced , but seeing that it’s already taken me forever just to decide a beginning to this writing that It will be very difficult to do so.
I keep trying to put my thoughts together, probably longer than other times before, because I’m still trying to comprehend myself what just happened. So….! I won’t try to do that. I will not even try to understand the story anymore or what the message was, blah , blah, blah and dispute my point of view with you.
I want to focus on something far more important : feelings. What I felt leaving the theater. All I could think about was how much I genuinely hated this film. And hate is a strong word , right? It’s a word I have rarely used. I felt sooooo angry, so impotent, frustrated, confused but more than confused I was in rage. I felt an anger I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank God my date didn’t walk out on me! 🙈I got so emerged in it that I was silently feeling whatever she (Jennifer Lawrence’s nameless character) was feeling.
At some point I even found myself thinking this film was extremely bad and bloody and graphic and unnecessary and then I thought: “Sisi! Wait a minute! As if something suddenly snapped inside of my brain – “How can a film that made me feel so many emotions and took me on this emotional journey, upside down and sideways in my head be so bad? ” Isn’t that what stories at the movies are supposed to do? Good stories anyway, so I shortly began to understand that the emotional roller coaster I had just experienced was, in fact, incredible.

You are entitled to your own opinions as we all are. Overall, it’s not a film I will ever (willingly)  watch again. The film itself wasn’t my cup of tea and I did not like it. Nor did I like the story. What I did enjoy, however, was the acting. The way the characters moved me. That should say something! I asked one of my friends what he thought about this film because I wanted different opinions. I don’t like reading critic reviews before I write about my movie so it doesn’t influence my opinion in any shape or form but I still like to know what other people think, the viewers, whom are the most important critics anyway!!! The audience!!! This is what my friend said:

Each human has their opinion, religion, believe etc. that movie had all sorts of emotions that take you places you haven’t gone through in a while or ever. I strongly disliked it because for the average audience who disconnect easily from movies and can’t stay present from beginning to end because of different thoughts going through their heads, or checking their phone etc, they can’t or won’t understand it. But then as an artist, I think it gave me a ride full of surprises and l loved it for the way of grabbing you and taking you to different situations, feelings, images, and to leave you at here’s a new love; different girl-different journey, make the artist satisfied and the average audience dissatisfied and angry at the rollercoaster of emotions they went through.” 

… Now, it’s up to you to watch it! Xoxo

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