Do you guys remember the movie “Twister” from back in ‘96? I remember it being one of my ultimate favorite movies growing up. The 2017 “Twister” is “Geostorm”. Very thrilling, very action-packed, and funny! It’s a different  story,different, elements of technology and not quite “Twister” but, enjoyable.  I wouldn’t rate it an 8 but something about it still timeless. There hasn’t been great films out in a while but that’s another story! Back to “Geostorm” ….. Although I did find that there weren’t enough “natural disasters moments” and the plot mostly takes place in outer space, which, I actually liked since I’m a sucker for space movies .  However, I did realize it’s not what the trailer sells. Overall,  I thought it was entertaining, and I enjoyed the ending very much.






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