Happy Death Day

happyFor all of those horror lovers, I would recommend. Don’t expect great terror but you will be entertained. Your typical young adult-college love story with a gory twist. Waking up everyday on your birthday to die on the same day. I liked it. I laughed, there were “OMG” moments. I thought the main actress did a great job, typical bitch attitude who ends up learning her lesson…wooopsss! spoiler alert! I thought the story was a little played out, nothing we haven’t seen before in this type of films. I still enjoyed it, its my fav genre so I’m bias , however, Id give It a 5.6 (nothing against anybody) If you’re looking for a film to make you jump and scare you a few times, definitely go for it just don’t expect an amazing story to unfold. Thought the transitions were nice, the acting was nice, the twist was expected but it was ok. Don’t want to spoil it anymore for you guys. Now, go watch it and have a happy death day! 😉Official trailer

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