“Listen To Me Marlon “

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Hello Movie Lovers! I know this isn’t a fresh out of the oven film but I recently saw it for the very first time at Tahoe’s Film Festival and it deeply touched my soul. Not my heart, my entire being.  I had heard the name Marlon Brando before but, If I’m very honest, I’m a 90’s baby. I had no idea who he was. All I knew was: “Marlon Brando, The Greatest Actor of All Time.” A great actor who lived……..but did he?

Marlon Brando revolutionized Hollywood with his Method Acting  in the 1950’s, 60’s and pretty much all throughout his life. Even in his career decay people still looked up to his talent and even imitated him. Film Stars from the era such as James Dean wanted to be like him.

Actor, Activist, “Hollywood’s Bad Boy.” , “difficult to work with”. So much could be said about Marlon and so much has been said, in fact. When you watch this film, you will see his journey from his own words and point of view. It will touch you, whether you’re an actor or just an admirer or simply someone who’s curious. This will make your heart melt and think in directions you’ve never thought about life before. I have never felt admiration, love, disgust, dislike, anger, and empathy all at the same time for an actor before until I watched this documentary.

When we look at someone under the magnifying glass of fame we think that because they’re exposed to popularity, we  strongly believe in our hearts they have it easier, more secure, comfortable, “GIVEN”. And what most people seem to forget is that WITH GREATER POWER COMES GREATER RESPONSIBILITY.  Marlon’s responsibility and power affected his probably most precious treasure-his kids, therefore, himself. Because as Newton said; ” Every Action has An Equal and Opposite Reaction.” As I sat in the theater and listened to the roller coaster of his life I realized that people have no idea of the burdens artists carry with them when they put all of their energy into their work, or what kind of pain they are pulling that energy from, wearing their hearts on their sleeves at all times. Some actors like myself, using Acting as therapy. As a way to channel present and past experiences and allowing it to liberate us from the world or to have a chance to walk in somebody else’s shoes. As human beings we are not gods, we aren’t invincible, we are all perishable, and we are all measured, not by what we have financially or how much success we have but by who we are in our core and being.

Marlon “had it all” in everyone’s eyes and in everyone’s eyes he lived in glory. He had a  “perfect life” and at some moments I’m sure it felt perfect but, truly…..did he?

The answer is yours after you listen to Marlon.




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