“Richard Jewel”

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Screenplay by: Billy Ray

Produced by: Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Jonah Hill, Jessica Meier, and Tim Moore.



Real, Moving, Loving, Kind, Truthful, Judgmental, and Stereotypical.  These are the first words  that come to mind when I think of the Bio Pic :  “Richard Jewel”.

Despite of its 45 M Dollar budget and the power team behind it, I’m going to be very clear on one thing: It did not awaken my curiosity at first just by watching the trailer , which, If there’s one thing I must say about it negatively would be that. I did not know what to expect, and I think it was relying too much on Clint Eastwood’s name  to make people go see it . That is probably also why it hasn’t gotten the curiosity from the audience it should have had . Not because Clint isn’t a marvelous film maker but maybe because it simply just is a generational thing . Oh Yeah!!! and the fact that “Star Wars” is  out at the same time. (rolls eyes) (mad emoji) #storyforanotherday

It goes without a say that the genius of Clint Eastwood is written all over “Richard Jewel”. I mean……….!!  It is extremely well-done cinematically , and executed beautifully by the whole cast; so much so that for being an over 2-hour long film, time was not on my mind and neither did it feel draggy.  Aaaaaaaaand  as a milenial, well, that’s saying a lot!

Can we talk about Kathy Bates, please!? ok, she really needs an award for this role. She did such a wonderful job with her character that I did not see her,  I saw my grandma in her, I saw my best friend’s mom in her, I mean, she killed it!! I felt her happiness and her pain and they both equally moved me .  It was so emotional and heart-felt as was the whole film.

Same goes for Paul Walter Hauser (who plays Richard Jewel.) Talk about the guy next door who is (spoiler alert) a good Samaritan. And this opens the subject by the way- The fact that some people have lost faith on people actually being good people! People actually caring for others  and doing the right thing.  Good people: our natural state of being as humans and it is lost sometimes, isn’t that something?  Such skepticism from the government, such doubt and a need to judge others by the way they look or “because they fit a certain profile”, such bull if you ask me, because, you all know I’m a sucker for people and movies that portray honesty and bring out real society issues instead of all the bells and bustle.

I’m glad this story is being told  again now even  after 20 something years. For example; I was very little when all of that happened and to keep it real, I was not even aware there was a bombing in Atlanta in ’96 so, for someone like myself who may have no idea of the incident until this very moment,  the film is very self-explanatory, easy to understand and Billy Ray really did a beautiful job adapting the story to the screen in the most simple way possible, which, your girl right here  appreciates enormously. I remember watching “Spotlight” years ago and almost falling asleep. Gosh! what a complicated, draggy film! Anyway! Back to R.J.!

The auditorium was completely silent when it was over and you could sense an energy of self-reflection in the room. If a film can make you look inside, and feel, and take you on a journey of not only fiction but truth, then, in my opinion, it is a film worth watching. You should go buy a ticket right now and go see it because it is spectacular. Definitely one to watch in the theater, and I am 100 percent adding  this one to my list of best films of 2019. I am giving it a big thumbs up and a rating of 8.5

Can’t wait to hear your comments . Until next time, it’s That Cuban Girl signing out  and until 2020…






Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

“A Game for Those Who Seek To Find A Way To Leave Their World Behind”

I remember as a little girl Jumanji was one of my all time favorite adventure movies. And coming from the little girl in Cuba who had no much access to movies and really needed to leave her world behind, says a lot! ok? Well, as I was saying- Jumanji was one of those films that transported me. I could watch it over and over and always made me gasp.

When I found out they were making a new Jumanji I sort of freaked out. My first thought was “OMG, they’re going to ruin Jumanji for me forever!” And questions like: Who’s going to take Robin Williams’ place? etc etc. popped up in my head. It was to my entire surprise and pleasure when I watched Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle ,how much I actually enjoyed it. Not only did I enjoy it but completely appreciated the story. I even think I like The Rock more now!They didn’t try to copy the original plot, instead, they made it 2017 friendly, and relatable. The comedy and timing were great. I saw each adult character playing the kids and that’s what made it hilarious. For some reason, 2017 seemed to be the year of remakes and for once I can say  this one  wasn’t a complete failure. Well, IT was great too hehe.  I wasn’t one hundred percent in-love with the new Jumanji but I enjoyed it.

My advice if you haven’t watched it yet is that you definitely do. However, don’t expect it to be like the original. Somehow the 90’s had a magical way of telling stories, I miss that. Films today seem to need to come with tricks in order to keep people’s attention. I miss the magic of the simplicity of back then. But, one thing I can say. This film didn’t disappoint.

Until next time movie lovers! And Happy 2018!!! Let me know what movie you’re excited to watch in this new year!! Hint Hint- I already have two ,and one stars Natalie Portman 😉