What a beautiful feeling when a film speaks to you! A film that makes me want to sit down and write and share it with the whole world. That’s what I’m aiming for with this blog: TO MAKE YOU FEEL because without feelings, this whole beautiful lie of a world we live in wouldn’t be the same.   Trailerforever my girl

“Forever My Girl” is not for those who think  love is silly, nor is it a chick flick. I think it’s far from a chic flick. My definition of a chic flik is a super corny, cheesy, declaration of love that, most likely is nowhere close to reality and has people thinking love is a fairy  tale waiting to happen ,without realizing that love isn’t always a walk in the park. Nonetheless, when you come across a romantic picture that takes you through hoops and bumps, reminds you that we all make mistakes no matter what we have or who we are. That we all feel scared, feel pain, and we all run away sometimes, turn our backs on people we LOVE. That we all hide, we all freeze, we all cry, we are all  scared of true love at some point and yet, we all come back to it and the core of who we really are sooner or later……that, my beautiful movie lovers, that’s a film that’s far from being a chic flik.  It’s one of those movies that checks you back into reality. And that’s what it did to me…. because I’ve been Billy and I’ve been Josie, and oddly enough, I’ve been Liam too.

I’ve been ABANDONed by my father. I’ve met him, and I have loved him and he has left me …again. My mom has been Josie- always trying to protect me from that pain, and I’ve been Liam -trying to run away from love, trying to protect my heart, I have abandoned, and I have also ignored my childhood issues so they won’t hurt me anymore. At the very end my friends I’ve realized that FEAR doesn’t take you anywhere positive, running away isn’t the answer, and having resentment towards the Liam of my life never saved me from myself.

Maybe that’s why this movie spoke to me, and maybe that’s why  it will not speak to you. In despite of that, what I know without a doubt is that if you choose to watch “Forever My Girl” your heart will melt, you will laugh, smile, you will also reflect on certain situations in you life. And if you’re even a little bit like me, you will end up giving your dad a call after long years of no contact to finally have the courage to get your answers but most importantly…to forgive him, and to forgive the little girl or little boy within you . When a film can make anybody reflect and act upon a certain aspect of their lives, that’s a film worth watching, don’t you think? 😉

‘Til Next Time my Movie Lovers! Embrace yourself. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

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