The Death of an Industry or The Birth of a new way?

cropped-podcastHello My Dear Movie Lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you and today I want to do so by first: Extending my gratitude for following my Blog and secondly; by opening this platform to comments and suggestions on today’s topic.

As we all know, these last couple of months have been interesting and uncertain for everyone. CoVid-19 has affected the Film Industry tremendously and although I cannot speak for the big studios, what I CAN DO is speak for myself and from my own experience, which  is the reason I started this blog in the first place.

As a model and actress, my life revolves and depends on the industry. My income and even my social lifestyle depends on it. I never imagined in my twenty-something years that I would ever see something such as what we are witnessing today; productions being shot down, movies that were supposed to be released not being released, movie theaters closed………..what!!!? Oh Quiet Place 2, how much do I wish your release date would’ve been Feb instead of March? Do not panic, however!  Because we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple Tv, etc. YAY!!!

In my opinion, we all needed this break to tune in with ourselves and to truly reset and re-connect with what’s important. The Film Industry is no exception! This is forcing a new way of operation to be created, as it is equally changing the way we look at movies and even what we consider to be a “Film”. Is it still a film even if it’s not shown in theatres? Are we breaking major traditions in our industry for kinda forcing the absolution of theaters? I believe it was already headed that way… the next couple of decades……. but not now! BUT,  the streaming websites were  changing all of that rapidly already and all COVID did was accelerate the process. Ever since Netflix began to lead the way into a new world, this was already a very prominent question. And yet, other questions remain: Will our beloved industry make a strong come-back? Will there be new methods to filming? Will we be pushed quicker to a Virtual Reality world out of fear of another pandemic?

What is very clear to me now that we have all experienced COVID-19  is that the online presence will be stronger than ever and I believe that studios are already realizing that, in the face of a pandemic, one thing remains: Streaming Entertainment.


“Richard Jewel”

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Screenplay by: Billy Ray

Produced by: Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Jonah Hill, Jessica Meier, and Tim Moore.



Real, Moving, Loving, Kind, Truthful, Judgmental, and Stereotypical.  These are the first words  that come to mind when I think of the Bio Pic :  “Richard Jewel”.

Despite of its 45 M Dollar budget and the power team behind it, I’m going to be very clear on one thing: It did not awaken my curiosity at first just by watching the trailer , which, If there’s one thing I must say about it negatively would be that. I did not know what to expect, and I think it was relying too much on Clint Eastwood’s name  to make people go see it . That is probably also why it hasn’t gotten the curiosity from the audience it should have had . Not because Clint isn’t a marvelous film maker but maybe because it simply just is a generational thing . Oh Yeah!!! and the fact that “Star Wars” is  out at the same time. (rolls eyes) (mad emoji) #storyforanotherday

It goes without a say that the genius of Clint Eastwood is written all over “Richard Jewel”. I mean……….!!  It is extremely well-done cinematically , and executed beautifully by the whole cast; so much so that for being an over 2-hour long film, time was not on my mind and neither did it feel draggy.  Aaaaaaaaand  as a milenial, well, that’s saying a lot!

Can we talk about Kathy Bates, please!? ok, she really needs an award for this role. She did such a wonderful job with her character that I did not see her,  I saw my grandma in her, I saw my best friend’s mom in her, I mean, she killed it!! I felt her happiness and her pain and they both equally moved me .  It was so emotional and heart-felt as was the whole film.

Same goes for Paul Walter Hauser (who plays Richard Jewel.) Talk about the guy next door who is (spoiler alert) a good Samaritan. And this opens the subject by the way- The fact that some people have lost faith on people actually being good people! People actually caring for others  and doing the right thing.  Good people: our natural state of being as humans and it is lost sometimes, isn’t that something?  Such skepticism from the government, such doubt and a need to judge others by the way they look or “because they fit a certain profile”, such bull if you ask me, because, you all know I’m a sucker for people and movies that portray honesty and bring out real society issues instead of all the bells and bustle.

I’m glad this story is being told  again now even  after 20 something years. For example; I was very little when all of that happened and to keep it real, I was not even aware there was a bombing in Atlanta in ’96 so, for someone like myself who may have no idea of the incident until this very moment,  the film is very self-explanatory, easy to understand and Billy Ray really did a beautiful job adapting the story to the screen in the most simple way possible, which, your girl right here  appreciates enormously. I remember watching “Spotlight” years ago and almost falling asleep. Gosh! what a complicated, draggy film! Anyway! Back to R.J.!

The auditorium was completely silent when it was over and you could sense an energy of self-reflection in the room. If a film can make you look inside, and feel, and take you on a journey of not only fiction but truth, then, in my opinion, it is a film worth watching. You should go buy a ticket right now and go see it because it is spectacular. Definitely one to watch in the theater, and I am 100 percent adding  this one to my list of best films of 2019. I am giving it a big thumbs up and a rating of 8.5

Can’t wait to hear your comments . Until next time, it’s That Cuban Girl signing out  and until 2020…






Netflix Original “CARGO” Starring: Martin Freeman

Click Here For Video


What’s up, What’s up, what’s poppin’ movie lovers!? I am back and I’m back with a goodie. This is my first review on a Netflix film so wooohoooo!!! Give it up and I present to you….CARGO!!! A film about a father, a baby daughter, a deadly epidemic in Australia, and last but not least, a tribe of hella’ good native people.

If you are anything like me, you are probably very skeptical about selecting this movie because of the simple fact that, c’mon! How many zombie flicks can we really come up with that are actually original after The Walking Dead? Not very many. BUUUUUUUT! It kept me interested throughout, and SPOILER ALERT- It’s not the typical movie where the main actor AKA hero goes through all sorts of struggles that may even seem impossible to overcome and you’re like waaaaaaaa ? and then he miraculously lives until the end. NO, on this one, from the very early stages of the film we know that he’s doomed, like, for real. And now he’s got a problem: His baby daughter with no one to care for her. So, If you’re looking for an action packed zombie movie, this is clearly not for you but, if you are up for a nice heart-felt story with some action, some zombies and are even up to share a tear at the end then….. I recommend it. I thought the story was great- showing that compassion is always the way, showing the love that we should have for one another.
In my opinion, the ending is worth the watching 😉


A Wrinkle In Time

You guys!!!! OMG!!! This movie means so much to me I couldn’t believe I was watching it at the point in time when I did. I am a firm believer that everything in life (or in my life at least) happens for a reason, always! I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe …..pretty much in everything “A Wrinkle In Time” stands for. It is so beautiful when a film can give you this sense of worthiness and a sense of “I can do everything I ever dreamed of doing”, “I am powerful”.

I was sitting there thinking ” wow, If only we had more movies like this one, the world would probably be more focused on love and all the positive things that truly matter.”

It has been such a self-discovery beginning of the year for me and I am in shock I had never heard of the book before because this film touched so many topics I have dealt with in my life  and things I am still dealing with even as an adult ,such as: fear, doubt, not believing in myself enough, having limiting thoughts, how to deal with the darkness that surrounds us at all times  and not focus on it. If this movie did that for me, only imagine the things that it must have done for kids and teenagers. Oprah is Queen too, I mean!!!! She was the perfect person to play MRS Which.

Ya’ll!!!!! If you haven’t watched “A Wrinkle in Time” Please do so! Get it in Blu-Ray, DVD, Buy it, Amazon Prime Video, whatever and however but ,please watch it because even if you don’t believe in things like a higher power than ourselves or if you think it might be lame, trust me, it’s not. You will leave inspired. And ,what are we without inspiration? Just a bunch of bodies without purpose. 





What a beautiful feeling when a film speaks to you! A film that makes me want to sit down and write and share it with the whole world. That’s what I’m aiming for with this blog: TO MAKE YOU FEEL because without feelings, this whole beautiful lie of a world we live in wouldn’t be the same.   Trailerforever my girl

“Forever My Girl” is not for those who think  love is silly, nor is it a chick flick. I think it’s far from a chic flick. My definition of a chic flik is a super corny, cheesy, declaration of love that, most likely is nowhere close to reality and has people thinking love is a fairy  tale waiting to happen ,without realizing that love isn’t always a walk in the park. Nonetheless, when you come across a romantic picture that takes you through hoops and bumps, reminds you that we all make mistakes no matter what we have or who we are. That we all feel scared, feel pain, and we all run away sometimes, turn our backs on people we LOVE. That we all hide, we all freeze, we all cry, we are all  scared of true love at some point and yet, we all come back to it and the core of who we really are sooner or later……that, my beautiful movie lovers, that’s a film that’s far from being a chic flik.  It’s one of those movies that checks you back into reality. And that’s what it did to me…. because I’ve been Billy and I’ve been Josie, and oddly enough, I’ve been Liam too.

I’ve been ABANDONed by my father. I’ve met him, and I have loved him and he has left me …again. My mom has been Josie- always trying to protect me from that pain, and I’ve been Liam -trying to run away from love, trying to protect my heart, I have abandoned, and I have also ignored my childhood issues so they won’t hurt me anymore. At the very end my friends I’ve realized that FEAR doesn’t take you anywhere positive, running away isn’t the answer, and having resentment towards the Liam of my life never saved me from myself.

Maybe that’s why this movie spoke to me, and maybe that’s why  it will not speak to you. In despite of that, what I know without a doubt is that if you choose to watch “Forever My Girl” your heart will melt, you will laugh, smile, you will also reflect on certain situations in you life. And if you’re even a little bit like me, you will end up giving your dad a call after long years of no contact to finally have the courage to get your answers but most importantly…to forgive him, and to forgive the little girl or little boy within you . When a film can make anybody reflect and act upon a certain aspect of their lives, that’s a film worth watching, don’t you think? 😉

‘Til Next Time my Movie Lovers! Embrace yourself. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

“A Game for Those Who Seek To Find A Way To Leave Their World Behind”

I remember as a little girl Jumanji was one of my all time favorite adventure movies. And coming from the little girl in Cuba who had no much access to movies and really needed to leave her world behind, says a lot! ok? Well, as I was saying- Jumanji was one of those films that transported me. I could watch it over and over and always made me gasp.

When I found out they were making a new Jumanji I sort of freaked out. My first thought was “OMG, they’re going to ruin Jumanji for me forever!” And questions like: Who’s going to take Robin Williams’ place? etc etc. popped up in my head. It was to my entire surprise and pleasure when I watched Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle ,how much I actually enjoyed it. Not only did I enjoy it but completely appreciated the story. I even think I like The Rock more now!They didn’t try to copy the original plot, instead, they made it 2017 friendly, and relatable. The comedy and timing were great. I saw each adult character playing the kids and that’s what made it hilarious. For some reason, 2017 seemed to be the year of remakes and for once I can say  this one  wasn’t a complete failure. Well, IT was great too hehe.  I wasn’t one hundred percent in-love with the new Jumanji but I enjoyed it.

My advice if you haven’t watched it yet is that you definitely do. However, don’t expect it to be like the original. Somehow the 90’s had a magical way of telling stories, I miss that. Films today seem to need to come with tricks in order to keep people’s attention. I miss the magic of the simplicity of back then. But, one thing I can say. This film didn’t disappoint.

Until next time movie lovers! And Happy 2018!!! Let me know what movie you’re excited to watch in this new year!! Hint Hint- I already have two ,and one stars Natalie Portman 😉

“Listen To Me Marlon “

Watch Here

Hello Movie Lovers! I know this isn’t a fresh out of the oven film but I recently saw it for the very first time at Tahoe’s Film Festival and it deeply touched my soul. Not my heart, my entire being.  I had heard the name Marlon Brando before but, If I’m very honest, I’m a 90’s baby. I had no idea who he was. All I knew was: “Marlon Brando, The Greatest Actor of All Time.” A great actor who lived……..but did he?

Marlon Brando revolutionized Hollywood with his Method Acting  in the 1950’s, 60’s and pretty much all throughout his life. Even in his career decay people still looked up to his talent and even imitated him. Film Stars from the era such as James Dean wanted to be like him.

Actor, Activist, “Hollywood’s Bad Boy.” , “difficult to work with”. So much could be said about Marlon and so much has been said, in fact. When you watch this film, you will see his journey from his own words and point of view. It will touch you, whether you’re an actor or just an admirer or simply someone who’s curious. This will make your heart melt and think in directions you’ve never thought about life before. I have never felt admiration, love, disgust, dislike, anger, and empathy all at the same time for an actor before until I watched this documentary.

When we look at someone under the magnifying glass of fame we think that because they’re exposed to popularity, we  strongly believe in our hearts they have it easier, more secure, comfortable, “GIVEN”. And what most people seem to forget is that WITH GREATER POWER COMES GREATER RESPONSIBILITY.  Marlon’s responsibility and power affected his probably most precious treasure-his kids, therefore, himself. Because as Newton said; ” Every Action has An Equal and Opposite Reaction.” As I sat in the theater and listened to the roller coaster of his life I realized that people have no idea of the burdens artists carry with them when they put all of their energy into their work, or what kind of pain they are pulling that energy from, wearing their hearts on their sleeves at all times. Some actors like myself, using Acting as therapy. As a way to channel present and past experiences and allowing it to liberate us from the world or to have a chance to walk in somebody else’s shoes. As human beings we are not gods, we aren’t invincible, we are all perishable, and we are all measured, not by what we have financially or how much success we have but by who we are in our core and being.

Marlon “had it all” in everyone’s eyes and in everyone’s eyes he lived in glory. He had a  “perfect life” and at some moments I’m sure it felt perfect but, truly…..did he?

The answer is yours after you listen to Marlon.




Happy Death Day

happyFor all of those horror lovers, I would recommend. Don’t expect great terror but you will be entertained. Your typical young adult-college love story with a gory twist. Waking up everyday on your birthday to die on the same day. I liked it. I laughed, there were “OMG” moments. I thought the main actress did a great job, typical bitch attitude who ends up learning her lesson…wooopsss! spoiler alert! I thought the story was a little played out, nothing we haven’t seen before in this type of films. I still enjoyed it, its my fav genre so I’m bias , however, Id give It a 5.6 (nothing against anybody) If you’re looking for a film to make you jump and scare you a few times, definitely go for it just don’t expect an amazing story to unfold. Thought the transitions were nice, the acting was nice, the twist was expected but it was ok. Don’t want to spoil it anymore for you guys. Now, go watch it and have a happy death day! 😉Official trailer



Do you guys remember the movie “Twister” from back in ‘96? I remember it being one of my ultimate favorite movies growing up. The 2017 “Twister” is “Geostorm”. Very thrilling, very action-packed, and funny! It’s a different  story,different, elements of technology and not quite “Twister” but, enjoyable.  I wouldn’t rate it an 8 but something about it still timeless. There hasn’t been great films out in a while but that’s another story! Back to “Geostorm” ….. Although I did find that there weren’t enough “natural disasters moments” and the plot mostly takes place in outer space, which, I actually liked since I’m a sucker for space movies .  However, I did realize it’s not what the trailer sells. Overall,  I thought it was entertaining, and I enjoyed the ending very much.






“The Mountain Between Us”

Love is everywhere and all around us, within us every day. Are you one of those people who think you have your love  life figured out ? What if suddenly life shows you otherwise?

This is what this film is all about: ❤️Love in its purest forms. When it happens organically, when you really fall for someone because of who they are and the way they make you feel. No trying to impress anyone, no lies, no pretended chivalry, no make up, no fancy dinners or clothes….. this is a movie simply about two strangers who are brought together by an accident and are forced to care and trust one another in order to survive. They both have their inner battles and yet, they manage not to give up and they push each other to make it through.

I’ve literally spent all week watching movies, looking for one that would really inspire me to write (because definitely Blade Runer wasn’t it) and this is by far my favorite since “It” came out.  It had so much substance and great acting that I did not mind the time I was sitting there. It kept me wanting me to see more and find out what happens next. The story is great and it’s told beautifully and easy to follow and although it could’ve easily been a boring film , it wasn’t. It kept me engaged the whole entire time. It had very emotional scenes, and the ending I thought was so real. I’m trying really hard not to spoil it for you guys!!